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tiny fragments of perfection

  • if i was all the colors, i would paint you pretty in gold in a picture. (jason mraz/zero percent interest).

  • as i took him in my arms he screamed i'm not insane i'm just looking for someone to understand my pain... (five for fighting/the devil in the wishing well)

  • only the curious have something to find (nickel creek/this side)

  • you dream of colors that have never been made, you imagine songs that have never been played (this side/nickel creek)

  • it's when you cry just a little but you laugh in the middle that you've made it (jason mraz/tonight, not again)

  • don't try to fix me, i'm not broken (evanescence/hello)

another whole box of pandora's

  • i'm not the kind of man who tends to socialize/ i seem to lean on old familiar ways/ and i ain't no fool for love songs that whisper in my ears/ still crazy after all these years (paul simon / still crazy after all these years)

  • but there's something in the way you laugh that makes me feel like a child... aspects of life they confuse me, you and your thesis amuse me... after and afternoon with you... and your rich brown eyes your lips and your dark hair, elbows and exposed knees tossing toward the ceiling... after an afternoon... (jason mraz/ after an afternoon)

a long awaited end

  • face to palm... tear to tear... mouth to tongue... heart to ground... i am in love... (jason mraz/ after an afternoon)

  • there's no place to hide but i don't think i'm scared. (nickel creek/this side)

  • with a broken wing, she carries her dreams. man you oughta see her fly. (a broken wing / martina mcbride)

zero percent mine

  • all lyrics headers are lifted from my pretend boyfriend jason mraz's "zero percent interest"


Saturday, July 24, 2004



If smelling and shedding are an issue for you (although with cats, you're already accustomed to shedding), then I can actually recommend a standard poodle... I know, I know. They're French. But if you don't get their hair cut in that horrible foofy do, they are actually extremely good dogs. Another possibility that might not cost as much would be a Labrador - Standard Poodle cross (known as a Labradoodle). They are incredibly bright; they're sometimes used as companion dogs for the disabled. Anyway... Poodles do not shed and have little or no odor. Even the tiniest ones are actually quite protective and will sound the alarm for you... mine is a tiny toy and is NOT yip-yappy like you'd imagine... but if you're more into big dogs than small ones, the standard ones are surprisingly awesome.

I hate talking on the phone, too. The phone conversations you had with PsychoX would've been enough grounds for divorce right then, in my book... he sounds like a loser. Hope you were able to get rid of him without too much anguish and annoyance. Anyway, I'm much more of a writer than a talker, so I find phone conversations with anyone (save the one or two people I actually have something to talk about with) to be mind-numbing and highly irritating.

Wince and Nod

Name him Chomps the World's Second Angriest Dog and call him Chomps for short. Unless he isn't really angry. In that case, call him Chomps, Who I Wish Was the World's Second Angriest Dog.



So you couldn't hike the rim? [Achoo!]... what a snob! :P

Migraines... sorry to hear they are back. You know, in really chronic issues with extremities, the doctors sometimes like to amputate. While that would definitely cure your headaches, I'd strongly suggest getting a second opinion if your normal doc wants to go that route!

IowaSoccerMom makes a good point on the poodles. They are a pretty good breed in my experience, but if you don't keep them clipped, their hair collects lots of dirt.

I'd suggest a short-haired breed, like a doberman, because they are much easier to bathe, and smell much less.

I'd also suggest a mutt rather than a pure-bred anything. They tend to be healthier and better adjusted.

Minerva's job is to kill in your name and demonstrate her prowess. She can't be bothered with details like the disposal of bodies. It's nap time, afterall!

Re. the lil sizzle... granted she's a looker like yourself, but for all I know she's a drooling idiot-savant who's one talent is taking great pics of SarahK, so until she gets a blog, she's safe from my attention. :P


who's, whose, hoooooossss.... ok, I'm the idiot. :P


I second the idea about a mutt. My last dog, a lab mix, was the sweetest animal ever. And free, from the shelter. If you're thinking of a dog for protection, find one of the breeds known for smarts. You don't need a big giant monster; any dog 45lbs or bigger can intimidate/take down any human that ever lived. Look for a solid body breed; spaniels and hounds are not tough enough to be protection dogs. Sweetheart dogs like labs and goldens are big, but also aren't the best for this role. Frou-frou dogs are ... don't get me started. Lets just say they don't appeal to men. A Jack Russell mix might be best. Not too big, really smart, very energetic and loyal. Purebreds cost a lot of money, and the overbred ones often have health problems. Can't go on; all this dog talk is making me miss my old pup. Last point - get a fixed female. They're usually less 'doggy' smelling than the males.

I saw the Peace Gallery pics of you and Sizzle. She has that glow that makes her look about 18. Poor spydaddy, trying to keep the creeps away. Hard to admit she's grown up enough to handle that job herself.


If you are considering getting a smelly beast, I'm afraid I'll have to take myself out of the running. Sorry, but I'm happily married. Also, I'm going to have Mrs. Exile pick up some deodorant, so I'm out on that as well.


exile, LOL. ok, i'll mark you off the list.

drew, sizzle's only 21, so she's still my little sizzle.

soccermom, poodles are really good dogs, but i want a scary dog that's gonna make the ninja stalkers stay away.

wince, i'll keep that in mind.

krakatoa, you're right, it's nap time. i shall have one.


sometimes, when no one is looking, i like to
FWIPPPP and sniff my fingers after i stick them in my armpits.
Please tell me I'm not the only one


Jeff, you're the only one. you and Mary Katherine Gallagher.

jason of avoca

re:dead crickets

About 2 years ago, I woke up with a dead bird in my bed with me that my cats had managed to get inside.


I recommend the jack russell. They don't call them "jack russell terrorists" for nuthin'. :-P

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