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tiny fragments of perfection

  • if i was all the colors, i would paint you pretty in gold in a picture. (jason mraz/zero percent interest).

  • as i took him in my arms he screamed i'm not insane i'm just looking for someone to understand my pain... (five for fighting/the devil in the wishing well)

  • only the curious have something to find (nickel creek/this side)

  • you dream of colors that have never been made, you imagine songs that have never been played (this side/nickel creek)

  • it's when you cry just a little but you laugh in the middle that you've made it (jason mraz/tonight, not again)

  • don't try to fix me, i'm not broken (evanescence/hello)

another whole box of pandora's

  • i'm not the kind of man who tends to socialize/ i seem to lean on old familiar ways/ and i ain't no fool for love songs that whisper in my ears/ still crazy after all these years (paul simon / still crazy after all these years)

  • but there's something in the way you laugh that makes me feel like a child... aspects of life they confuse me, you and your thesis amuse me... after and afternoon with you... and your rich brown eyes your lips and your dark hair, elbows and exposed knees tossing toward the ceiling... after an afternoon... (jason mraz/ after an afternoon)

a long awaited end

  • face to palm... tear to tear... mouth to tongue... heart to ground... i am in love... (jason mraz/ after an afternoon)

  • there's no place to hide but i don't think i'm scared. (nickel creek/this side)

  • with a broken wing, she carries her dreams. man you oughta see her fly. (a broken wing / martina mcbride)

zero percent mine

  • all lyrics headers are lifted from my pretend boyfriend jason mraz's "zero percent interest"

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Wednesday, July 14, 2004



Have you read the book: Over the Edge: Death in the Grand Canyon? After reading that I will never hike there unless it's under 75 degrees and over 55 degrees. Scary. People die.


I've done it during the summer before- you just need to stay very hydrated.


jonag, that's basically the gist of the grand canyon's website, too, which is why we had 20 bottles of water each...

brandon, that was our thinking.


Beware cheap tents! As an Eagle Scout and an avid backpacker, I have to warn you about cheaper tents. This might not matter as much being in the SW, but the first night you are in it when it rains will prove me right.

Go buy seamsealer and seal all the seams on both the tent, the rainfly, and the floor. Bring along a thin painter's plastic sheet that is big enough to cover the outside of the tent. Just a little FYI.

I am cheap and know the allure of low-priced gear. But I've been burned (and drenched and frozen and muddied) too many times by the Taiwanese junk and now I just buy straight Eureka, Kelty, or Marmot equipment.


thanks for the advice, Brian. too bad you don't give me a real email address, because i'd probably hit you up for advice at some point!

my daypack is a kelty, my 2-day pack an osprey. i have a thermarest for my camping pad, and i don't have a sleeping bag yet but will be getting a marmot.

the tent is perfect for its purposes, lightweight, middle-of-summer-in-the-desert camping. i do plan to get a better and different one, but i love this one for needing to pack light.


I have always had good luck with Eurekas. I've been all over the place in Timberline's and my newest tent is an Apex XTA. I'm in the NE, so there have been times in the winter when a good tent meant the difference between hypothermia and being cozy.

My backpack is a Kelty as well and I have no complaints. As far as sleeping bags, I've had good luck with the $10 fleece bags (only 1 lb!) at Target for weather that is above 50F at night.

Sorry about the fake email, but your site doesn't obfuscate our addresses. [those mean ol'] spammers and their harvesters! They ruin the Internet for everyone!


brian, my new blog won't show email addresses, so you'll be able to comment fer real.

i love my kelty day pack.


Oh, And make sure you pack a .44 Magnum. You might need to use it on some of them rattlers. :)

I know, you're probably thinking 'thats overkill' ... but I'm a big fan of overkill.

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