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Thursday, July 29, 2004



Oh, Hi Sarah. Sorry I haven't commented in a while. I've been spending my time working and thinking about healthcare. Wow. It's like they know who I am!
The one great thing to come out of this convention is to show people just how disconnected the Democratic party is today from the real world.

That 1 Guy

yes, i get paid well. yes, i can afford my healthcare. but the government didn't get me to this point in my life. i did it.

Amen! Anybody worth anything will "do it themselves." Sure, sometimes government does need to help, but to rely on them ....?


Sarahk: kicking pinkie-toe since... a while. And still going strong!!!


Amen sister!! This subject really gets me worked up. We do not have health insurance right now (my husband works for a lying liar) but do I want the government to be "Daddy" to my kids? NO! We get along just fine thank you! We had a medical emergency this year and had to pay cash. Did it hurt? You betcha! Was it the end of the world? Noooooo! Guess what democrats? This is America!! We are ALL rich!! We ALL have TVs and microwaves and cars!

What we NEED is a leader who doesn't cave in to a bunch of punk bullies threatening our "way of life", so that we can continue building our nation and raising our kids in safety!!

I think the truth is the opposite: We think about national security for 23 hours and we know if we have that, the economy (and healthcare) will take care of itself.

My 2 cents.

James P

Like you, my family is quite poor. We lived in a trailer and drove junk cars. Then my parents got divorced which didn't help the financial situation at all.

We are still poor and still have junk cars, but I am going through college and doing well. When I graduate I will make good money and will deserve to make good money because I put forth the effort to attain it. No one has any business hiking up taxes to take money that I make and give it to people who are too lazy to do anything. I'm not a towering intellectual genius, so if I can get myself educated they can too.

No excuses.

Wolf's Dawn

What everyone is saying here is exactly what our immigrant Forefathers did. If a person works hard and fights hard, they are Americans. If a person becomes complacent and stupid (see public school current ebonic curriculum), they live under a dictator. I'd like to finish this rant but I hear a child ranting and since I didn't have my babies to live on welfare, I'm actually going to go get him because it's my job to raise him.


yeah, i can attest to that, Sarah. My dad came from generations of poverty in Cleveland, my mom was a Basque immigrant from the north of Spain. They met; got married; and tried to raise me and my sister in urban Los Angeles.

Now things are better off; my mom's still a school teacher, but my dad climbed the engineer food chain at Hughes/Boeing (hard works pays off). However, if there's one thing that i've learned from living in the urban center of LA, it's that Democrats are damn set on keeping everyone there in poverty. Legislation and high taxes make damn sure minority upstarts like some of my friends who want to provide community jobs to the single mothers and former criminals can't keep up with the government. Citing that somehow existing businesses in Watts, Inglewood and Compton are somehow 'fueling' that 'economy', Maxime Waters and the gang will figuratively go to war to prevent a Wal Mart or Starbucks (we just got our first Starbucks, and that's really sad) from entering town. It's all very evil, I think, and i'm convinced that's the reason why the Soroses and Heinzes support the DNC... just to make sure that good ol' boy network stays in tact.

And, like you Sarah, I busted my ass in high school. My mom scored a lucky job as a Spanish teacher at a private high school (being bilingual pays off), so I could go for free... and I busted my ass to my 4.0, my Valedictorian status, and my scholarships to Ohio State. It's still hard to pay for things; we could use some more help.

And that's where George's tax cuts, 51% increase of education funding, and $4 billion addition to the Pell Grant come into play. Opponents of such a generous policy for my family, the Democrats, say that apparently is 'dangerously unfunded', and that we need to invest more in health care (as if George hasn't done enough of that either). Yet proponents of such an evil scheme ignore that by subsidizing 1/7th of the American economy, the government becomes the only business in charge of our health... the only HMO. And that's precisely what the government is in the economy, a business... and the worst operated business in America at that. Boeing's health care plan is mediocre, but it at least provides a little wiggle room for choice of doctor and provides even a little flexibility... all of which would not be available should we resort to a Canada model.

And, I apologize for the rambling, and I should cease here, because I have gardening work to do, but you and I are on the same page about that, SarahK.


Rant on Sarahk! Whites, Blacks, Hispanics and all others work hard and shouldn't have to subsidize those who won't work (notice I did not say can't because there are those that truly can't - they can have my tax money!).Healthcare? It is already for everyone...if you cannot afford it you can get Medi-caid for you and your children. What's the worry? Economy? It's amazing what we Americans are willing to do in time of war. I will work harder for less if it means we get to keep living safely in this great country of ours and we get the bad guys! I will of course be writing Fox news regarding this matter.


"i'd say i'm more concerned about who leads us in the war for... oh... 23.5 hours a day. i, who grew up in a poor family and ate Ramen noodles and beans 'n' cornbread almost every day..."

Oh My! If your father was a Mill worker...you could be President! That's it! SarahK for President! She will protect us from Shift Keys! She remembers when she ate ate Ramen noodles and then became a successful CPA. (none of that negative stuff associated with trial lawyers for you accountants)

Can I be your Sec. of the Interior? I always wanted to be Sec. of Interior and get to travel around to all the National Parks and get paid for it! No one ever says, that Sec. of the Interior is doing a terrible job! See! Easy job for 8 years. Oh with a biography like yours you know your gonna get re-elected.

SarahK for President in 2008!


SarahK v/s Hillary in 2008. That would be cool.


I will have you know that I was the first to suggest SarahK for prez. It was in an e-mail.

I too grew up poor, mainly cause my parents were RDDB's. I lived on what my dad refered to as gulash, which was left overs of left overs, from what was left over from our food box and the gov't cheese. mmmm..plastic cheese.
I hated using food stamps at the grocery when I was sent to get milk, or break them for change so my dad could purchase more alcohol.
I did well in school, but barely studied. Luckily I was naturally gifted or I think I never would of made it. I spent many a days in a pot filled haze, and still managed to get B's. I just imagine where I would be had things been different.
I am not complaining I have a regular job, as a maintenence guy. I don't make alot, but it pays the bills. Someday i will be able to go back to school, but money isn't my main motivation.
thank God for this country. I am proud to be an American and wouldn't have it any other way.

thank you for your rant, it really puts things into perspective.


...lots of plane tickets to Florida.

I just got that. Duh. Too funny!



you nailed it my wife and and i are two lower class blue collar kids who have made it through our own hard work The thing that makes this great country great is that it is willing to give you the chance if your willing to work hard.
What the lefty hippys forget is the working hard part My biggest pet peeve is the leftys telling me iam greedy because I want to keep more of my money my answer is always get off your a-- and earn some of your own. Keep fighting the good fight Victory in Nov and thanks for what you do



y'all, i won't be old enough in 2008, i'll only be 32. i'm going for Condi in 2008.

besides, *i* want to be secretary of the interior; of course, i'd spend all my time "working" at the Grand Canyon.


what ever makes you the happiest SarahK.
That's what we want for you.
I never even heard of sec of interior until today, must be one of the safer, non-controversial positions.

Wolf's Dawn


Come on, don't you know with a campaign poster like the shot of you in front of the rainbow will stop anybody from explaining to you that you don't meet the age requirement?

Go win AI so you have money to get your campaign off the ground.


Couldn't agree with you more Sarah. Great post!

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