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Wednesday, July 14, 2004



I hope your cat comes back safe and sound and soon.


Did you check under the lawn mower?


thank you, spacemonkey. me too.

ducky, i figured someone would ask... but you? you're breakin' my heart! ;)


We used to have cats that would vanish for days at a time and then suddenly reappear on the steps to the side door as if nothing had happened, demanding to be fed. We got used to it eventually, but at first it caused us a great deal of worry.

I hope your cat is just pulling a similarly mean trick on you, and will show up very soon, hungry but otherwise okay.

jason of avoca

My cats are often gone for a week at a time. You have not lived in your house for a long time. They are just getting conforatable with the area and have gone exploring.

sandor at the zoo

I took care of a friend's cat for a year while she was living in a condo that didn't allow them. Jack was awsome and we'd been buddies since Lauren first got him.

He was inside to sleep & eat / outside for everything else, but he was good about coming in every morning before I left for work. Then one day he dissapeared for over a week, and I was sure he'd gotten hit by a car or something ... I was worried sick.

But then he just showed up one day, scratching at the door like he usually did when he wanted to come in. He'd lost his collar and had some knots in his (long white) fur, but other than that he was fine.

Cats - unless they're declawed and raised entirely indoors - are outdoorsy types who need to run free once in a while. Nicole will probably show up in a day or two looking for some tender vittles and a scratch behind the ears.

And I love the new picture!


Frank J.

Here's a prayer for a safe return.

That's why I like dogs; my last dog if accidentally left outside would stand silently and patiently in front of the door for hours.

sandor at the zoo

Heh ... that's how one of our dogs is. The other would be in Brazil by the time you realized she was gone.

Liberal Larry

I had a cat once that disappeared for a month. It was after we had just moved to a new house. He turned up back at the OLD house, FIVE MILES AWAY. He was fat, clean, and healthy, too, so we figured someone took the little fart in for a while. In fact, they spoiled him because he wouldn't eat the cheap cat food we fed him anymore. It turned out that my high school girl's softball team had found him eating out of a dumpster and adopted him as a mascot. I was looking all over the county for him, and he was never more than a few hundred yards from me the whole time!

A couple months later, he was run over by a semi right in front of our house.



Well. I thought that looking UNDER the mower would be the natural first thought. I really do hope your cat comes back safely.

BTW, Blogmother, why haven't you linked to my site to promote my Rename the Al Franken Show contest?


thanks, everyone. she's still not back, and i'm worried because she has bad kidneys, so i just hope someone's keeping her hydrated. i'll put out water and food for her when i get home.

sandor, yes, she has no front claws and is an indoor cat. but she's always gone out into the backyard with me when i garden (when i've had a house) but doesn't leave the yard. (and thanks)

Frank, she wasn't accidentally outside, she escaped :) when i came in all beat from mowing and hasn't returned. usually she'll go to the door and knock until i let her in or stay on the back steps waiting.

oh, Liberal Larry, it was such a nice story until the end -- sorry about your cat!

ducky, i'll get around to it.

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