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  • all lyrics headers are lifted from my pretend boyfriend jason mraz's "zero percent interest"

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Wednesday, July 14, 2004



Actually, if you just keep throwing tantrums but do it in a different place each time, you could just flatten the grass all over your lawn and no one would know the difference.


A word of advice: "goats"


on the air filter issue, you can flush the filter with gas, then pour a little motor oil into the foam. (or pour a lot and gently squeze out some of the oil)

using gas as a cleaner is hard on your hands, and not exataly EPA approved, but works



Way to go, Sarah! Now give that back yard what for! :oD


Lawn mowing sucks. I prefer Round Up. Goats are too smelly.


We're all so proud of you!

Futility is correct. Put some gas in a bowl and squeeze the filter in it like a sponge. Kerosene works good too. Wring it out and work some motor oil into it then wring it out again. You don't need the special air filter oil. Power steering fluid will work too. You could actually clean the filter and then let the gas evaporate for a few hours before re-oiling it, but that isn't 100% necessary if you don't mind the small risk of a fireball if the engine backfires.
Keep up the good work.

mt in big D

way to go, you're a third of the way there, now you just have to edge and weed wack. congratulations, i assume you will be adding a pushbutton start lawnmower to your wishlist.


jonag, i wish i'd thought of that, ugh! where was that good advice when i needed it!

JFW, goats smell bad. and they creep me out.

good to know, Futility and Drew, i'll keep that tidbit handy for next time. and i don't mind getting my hands dirty.

AWG, that's tonight, and it better watch out.

dvgulliver, i don't think the landlord would appreciate me RoundingUp the yard, lol.

no way, mt, who needs a pushbutton start? i've got this puppy figured out now!

red donga

Post a picture of the lawnmower



Red donga

Terribly sorry Sarahk. I was just up late last night posting drunken gibberish. Didn't mean to rub a woman as beautiful as you the wrong way


Red - right way, wrong way, who cares? As long as you get to rub Sarah, you should be happy ;-)

Sarah - just wanted to toss in my congratulations on your lawn-conquering. Beloved Wife hates our lawnmower because she has short arms and it's hard for her to pull the start cord far enough to get the motor to turn over. Plus, half the time the cord won't retract on it own. Just bought it this year, too. Go figure.


BAD BAD HARVEY!! or as i often say to minerva, "NO NO!!" and thanks for the congrats, Harvey, but i would like to point out that Beloved Wife should never ever have to start the lawnmower. that's your job. always.


Sarahk~ when the timing is right, I highly recommend giving birth to 3 boys. (one at a time, preferrably, so as to prolong your non-mowing status.) I figure I have at least 10 to 12 more years before I have to face that sucker again. YAY FOR BOYS!


LOL, sounds like a plan. actually, i want 2 boys so i can be a really rad hockey mom. 'cause i ain't breedin' no sissies.


I mow grass all day, everyday!!!! And i am the only girl on a crew of 13 guys!!! Mowing grass is cool. nicely done friend!!!

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