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a long awaited end

  • face to palm... tear to tear... mouth to tongue... heart to ground... i am in love... (jason mraz/ after an afternoon)

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  • with a broken wing, she carries her dreams. man you oughta see her fly. (a broken wing / martina mcbride)

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Monday, June 14, 2004


Colt Springfield

Koooll!! Welcome to the standup club(somehow I feel perverted for saying that,but they're truly meant as words of encouragement).It's not often a dude gets to welcome a chick to the standup club.BTW,it sounds like your migraines were replaced by plumbing headaches-hope it turns out OK after a good roto-rooting.
To all those thinking dirty thoughts-I know how it sounds, but I don't mean it that way.


ROFL! Who says blogging isn't educational?

I will admit, I tried it again on the off chance I got lucky the first time. Needless to say, all went well which, of course, put me in stitches all over again.

Then I read your story and was slayed one more time.

(btb: Welcome to TX! (Although it feels weird for me to say that since I just got here too, Sep 2003) and if you see a few hits from me all in a row, it was because my connection has been slow and I got impatient waiting for your page to load.)

Anyway, this is the last blog I'm reading tonight and THAT was a perfect end to my day. Hilarious!


{stunned silence}

Colt Springfield

Space,I contemplated silence,then decided you only live once,if you're going swimmin' go to the deep end.


um, thanks, Colt, i think. SpaceMonkey, i live to leave people in stunned silence, so yay for me.

Serenity, when i read yours a few days ago, i was dying laughing. then today when i had my issues, i thought, well! this is why i read so many blogs! they ARE educational! was so thankful that i read the instructions. oh, i've been in texas my whole life, just new to amarillo (fort worth since i was 3). thanks, though!

i'm on my way to the backyard now (the plumber was unsuccessful, so i still have no toilet).

Colt Springfield

That's a bummer the plumber couldn't fix the prob.,maybe there's not enough drop between the house sewer line to the city's sewer line(gravity is important).
And I mean nothing disrespectful in my earlier remarks.BTW,glad to be talking to a fellow native Texan.

Chad Coleman

Haha! I'm dyin!

*wipes tears

[quick prayer]Thank you Lord, for making me a male[/quick prayer]

BTW, I woulda hosed the cat. If you ask me, that would be somethin' to brag about on the ole blog.

Frank J.

Uh... congratulations?



Toooooo funny!! Now I have to go read Serenity's instructions. This could be life-altering! I'll have something new to teach my 3 daughters ("Homeschooling is great! We learned how to pee standing up!"). My son has just figured out the standing-while-peeing thing and now he shows off by dropping "trou" wherever he is and taking care of business. Must work on the concept of modesty with him. Thanks Sarah for the laugh!!

jason of avoca

umm, yea... i got nothin


Liberating, isn't it?

I'm just waiting for you to post the .wmv file :-)


Oh please don't. The text description is disturbing enough.


It is a new trend...pee blogging.

James P

Me and some people from my campus christian group may be going camping this weekend. The things you could show them......


colt, the problem turned out to be that i had tree roots growing through my pipes. it took them a long time. (no disrespect taken)

chad, negatory on hosing the cat. not nice, even if it's her own fault. sorry i made you cry. :)

thank you frank, it does merit congratulations.

jonag, LOL, your poor daughters having to put up with their brother and his trou-dropping. being so close to the grand canyon, i can imagine this will revolutionize "g" family trips.

i don't think so, harvey.

james, i don't think i would show them anything. but i could explain. :)


Aaaugh! My virgin eyes!!! I must bathe them in bleach! (Just kidding.)

All I can really say is...



That was funny! and sadly true about the cats, I have 3 (Lucie, Ethel & Gracie) This guarantees I will never pee alone. If they are not in the bathroom with me they hang outside the door and complain bitterly, or try to get me to play mousietoy ping-pong. (they chuck a mouse toy under the door and wait for me to knock it back. Yeah, keep waiting cat.)

Methinks I just shared too much..... Hhhhmm.


How much news could I possibly miss on the two days between Seattle and San Francisco?

Seriously, Now that my Hero has been laid to rest, and the media could go back to Abu Grahib 24/7, I figured it would be safe to say 2 days could pass without my missing any earth-shattering news.

Now this female-peeing-standing-up news is out and the world as I knew it has ended... 2 days ago!!!

Woe is man. :P


Loki - my girls knock if i shut them out of a room. and they don't stop knocking until i open the door.

hey, krakatoa, it's the info age! stay away for 2 days, it's like missing 2 weeks in the old days! you remember the old days, right? ;)


I tried peeing standing up but l can't get the pee to go forwards, any tips?


You're half-way there... now you've got to work on writing your name in the snow....


Hey Jess, just keep practising and you'll get it right sooner than you think!

Wouldn't ya like to know.

Just wanted to say that I think that it is soooo cool that you have posted this site. I once heard a comment that woman can do everything a man can do except pee satnding up. therefore men are still dominant. I have seen woman pee standing up, and it is awesome. It sure beats sitting down on a dirty toilet. congrat keep it up. (no pun intented)

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