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Tuesday, June 22, 2004


jason of avoca

A southerner writing about pronunciation, hmmmm. What is weird is last night; I decided to start pronouncing Miami - mia- muh. Anyways I decided that everyone pronounces Texas wrong and it should revert to the Mexican way of saying it Tee-haas. Since it is a Spanish word and there is no X sound in the Spanish language.


um, that would be teh-haas. not tee. :)


People who pronounce "often" with a "t" should be smacked. It's silent!! Also, it's a "moot" point, not "mute" point!! Whew! I feel better!


*smack* - i pronounce the t in often. i didn't always, but for some reason i started. probably because i couldn't stand to see the t ignored like that.

ouch, that hurt, but i'm glad you feel better, jonag. :)


I hate it when people...

...say "utilize" instead of "use," because they think it makes them smarter to use those extra letters.

...use passive voice. Passive voice produces grammatical errors. Get to the point, if you want someone to listen to you without falling asleep.

...confuse "to" and "too," then claim it was a typo. Also see "there," "they're, and "their," or "its" and "it's." If you can't use the language, don't mess with mine.

...write "alot" instead of "a lot." That's illiterate.

...use "since" instead of "because." "Since" indicates the passage of time, "because" establishes causality. Note the difference in the following sentences. "I have been awake since 7:00 this morning." "I woke up because I am a light sleeper." It makes no sense to say "I woke up since I am a light sleeper," or "I have been awake because 7:00 this morning."

...use "may" instead of "might." May implies permission, might implies possibility.

...say "whenever," when they can just as easily say "when." Simplify, simplify, simplify!

Oh, I guess I have a lot of these... So when I utilize alot of big words, since their easy to write, I may get your attention whenever my messages have been posted on your board.


Okay, that was grammar-cop stuff, not really pronunciation. But I had to get it out, because it was eating my soul.


My grandparents live to this day in "Mia-muh" Oklahoma, so it's not just a Texas thing.


ok.... on the pronunciation thing... birFday (along the same lines of thinking, they shouldn't be allowed to have them) LiBARY... oh barry, don't lie... Crick?? don't you get those in your neck? It's not a flowing stream of water..that would be a CREEK.

And just to add to words that annoy... why do people have to throw MOIST into any conversation? Moist. OR.. Ointment. How 'bout you just rub some MOIST OINTMENT on that? anyone else hear nails on a chalk board with that one???


My husband says Happy ValenTIMEs Day. Kind of bugs me but oh well, he's perfect in every other way.

Sarahk, It rhymes with "soften". See, no "t" sound.

Mrs. Pinwheels

It drove Pinwheels crazy in Charleston, SC to have people say they were fustrated instead of frustrated.

I, too, am guilty of the "t" in often. I always considered myself grammatically savvy. You learn something new every day.

Colt Springfield

Texas has it's share of oft(take that silent T types)butchered words.Sometimes the butchering is done by the natives-but that MAKES it the correct way to say it. Mexia: non- native mex-e-uh,native muh-hay-uh Bexar:non-native bex-ar,native bare.
Speight:non-native spigot,native spate.
I sure am glad I was born in God's country,Texis, not Texus.

James P

One of the songs sang at my church home away from home when I'm at college tries to rhyme the words "Lord" and "Word". It just ain't gonna happen.

maggie katzen

yes, I was going to mention that Mia-muh is the town in Oklahoma and Mia-mee is in Florida. Okies WILL correct you if you don't pronounce it correctly, even in a job interview.(or so I've been told)


and how about Feb-you-ary? and my Grama on my mom's side says Hu-wy-ya for Hawaii.

jonag, sometimes i say soften with the "t" too, but only now and then. :)

moist and ointment - yeah, that could make a person uncomfortable.


Pacific instead of specific: "I pacifically asked her to smack the next kid who said fustrated." Argh.


The one I HATE the most is the singular "cent" when used with a number value greater than one. "How much is that (coke/soda)?" "Fifty cent."


This might be a regional thing, though.


no, that's not regional, Greywolf. thanks for adding your two cent.


now THAT was funny.... two cent. And I must admit that the ValentiMes Day thing.. that poor, poor man.
On the same BASIC issue.... can we all concur that those who don't know the difference between YOUR and YOU'RE shouldn't be allowed to type??


I don't know about barring people from typing because of their grammar. I have alway excelled at spelling and I've homeschooled my kids for over 7 years now and I still find myself typing "there" instead of "their" when I comment on blogs. I think it's because I hurry and my brain goes on auto-type without editing. Anyway, if we didn't allow bad grammar sometimes, we'd have no Frank J.


Let me put in my two cent. alot of you will probly go nuk-a-ler, but I don't think we should make a big deal about it. Sometimes we just say words wrongly.
PS. When did people stop using adverbs and adjectives? "that boy can RUN", "that girl can PLAY". So!? So can everyone else. Are you saying "That boy can run FAST"? "That girl plays well"?


fustrated instead of frustrated

axe instead of ask

new-que-ler instead of nuclear (sorry, Rightwingduck, the need to expunge my soul of this irritant was too great to omit it.) ;-)

sim-ewe-lar instead of similar

irregardless instead of regardless (argh!!!)

Wow...that really felt good. My grammar-nazi soul has been cleansed! Thanks, Sarahk!


Oooooooooo yeah!! The "irregardless" one!! Can't stand that one! Or how about "I could care less". Wrong!! It's "I couldN"T care less". Whew! This HAS been a very cleansing topic! Thanks!!


the your/you're and other homonyms thing is one of my pet peeves, but for people typing on limited time and without editors, it's understandable. for me, it's so nailed into my skull to subconsciously think about the correct word before typing, but for people not quite so obsessive about grammar, etc., it's just not something they think about. me, i re-read everything i write before i post it, but that's only because i ALWAYS leave sentences hanging open where i've written half the sentence and moved on to something else. if i didn't re-read, everyone would say, "huh?" even more than normal.

i'm not sure i could live in a world where there was no Frank J; i don't know how i made it through the first 3 years of my life. ;)

rightwingduck, don't you mean nuke-a-lur? and what i'm saying is that girl plays that boy who runs fast really well.


I have it........... UNTHAW.... "can you grab that hamburger out to unthaw it?"..... aren't we re-freezing?


OfTen is just fine. Check out this link, which states:Usage Note: During the 15th century English experienced a widespread loss of certain consonant sounds within consonant clusters, as the (d) in handsome and handkerchief, the (p) in consumption and raspberry, and the (t) in chestnut and often. In this way the consonant clusters were simplified and made easier to articulate. With the rise of public education and literacy and, consequently, people's awareness of spelling in the 19th century, sounds that had become silent sometimes were restored, as is the case with the t in often, which is now frequently pronounced. In other similar words, such as soften and listen, the t generally remains silent."

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