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a long awaited end

  • face to palm... tear to tear... mouth to tongue... heart to ground... i am in love... (jason mraz/ after an afternoon)

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  • all lyrics headers are lifted from my pretend boyfriend jason mraz's "zero percent interest"

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Thursday, June 03, 2004



Stupid Flames. Sure, Khabibulin was good for the first 75 minutes of hockey, but what have you done for me lately?


*sigh* no kidding. the sad thing was, he really was the Bhulin Wall last night, especially in the 3rd period and OT, but they had so many giveaways on big momentum changers that it was bound to happen.

the great thing was watching Daryl Sydor do what he does so well in the heat of crucial hockey moments... get hit by puck... fall to the ice in severe pain... try to make it to the bench (unsuccessfully)... dive in front of yet another puck to save a potential goal... all the while limping / crawling. WHAT. A. TOUGH. SEXY. MAN.


Yeah, it was an exciting game.
I enjoyed the ending.
Not as much as if my Wings were still in it though...


I bet St Louis wants that bottom corner wrap around back he took in the last 2 mins of regulation. Did you see the way the puck bounced on the BACK of the goalies pads?


This has been an incredible series- please let it go to game seven, Canada doesn't deserve to have Lord Stanleys Cup back after Montreal booed our anthem during the Canadiens-Bruins series....

sandor at the zoo

As a Tampa resident I thank you for supporting out team. Hockey is underappreciated in this city; do you have any idea how much it costs to cool an ice rink when the nighttime low is 82 degreees with 110% humidity?


i would love game 7 anyway, just because Stanley Cup Finals game 7?? SO! EXCITING! yes, i did see it; i just wish i had the local channels on my dish so i could have IR'd it over and over. lots of fun in that game.

sandor, you are so welcome; it's underappreciated in much of the southern US, including Dallas, where a majority of people in the crowd are there to see, be seen and couple. *rolls eyes violently*

Tom Bux

Now I don't like you anymore, Go Lightening? Those lightening beat my flyers. ;)

It was an exciting game, but I have to root for The Flames now.


but yer Flyers have JR, so hooray for Tampa Bay!! :)

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