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Tuesday, May 11, 2004



I agree: This election coming up could be the difference between a long, sometimes ugly battle on islamo-fascists fought on the ground of our choosing, and high-browed acceptance of man's inhumanity to man only to be awakened from the Peace in Our Time dream by the deaths of millions within our borders.

Since you brought it up, I'll post a serious comment too. From a piece I posted in Eject cubed regarding this incident in the context of the American mistreatment of prisoners.

The press certainly has blown this completely out of proportion all on their own, and I think bear some blame for contributing to stoking the passions of the terrorists.

The fact that they will show the prison footage, but will not show the 9/11 footage, or that of Perle's or Berg's beheadings is very suspect to me.

I don't know if any of you have ever seen a bound man's throat cut. It's a disgusting, absolutely sickening sight. No way I would wish that anyone be forced to see it. But I would recommend, if anyone is feeling the least bit of sympathy for these 7th century beasts we are fighting, or the least bit like maybe there is some weight to the moral equivalency crowd's argument, I would recommend that you take some time to find those dark places of the internet where the real atrocities are archived.

There, in full color and sound, and in stark and crystal clear relief, you will understand that we are not fighting against a reasonable people who have any concept of charity or mercy. We are not at war with a people that views it's own depredations with anything less than righteous fervor. We are at war, simply, with a death cult that has zero tolerance for ANYONE who does not subscribe to their ideology.

I will warn you if you do decide to look into the abyss: Those images will most likely never be forgotten. Human beings should never be subject to such barbarity.

It has been said many times, and it bears repeating many times more: It is a TESTAMENT to the values and morals of the U.S. that we properly revile our own failures. It is the only way we can rightfully claim the moral high ground.

This will always be a work in progress. There will always be room for improvement, and there will always by bad men and women taking advantage of others. But this is no excuse to not fight the larger battle for humanity.


As a soldier I want to destroy every last one of them. As a Christian I pray that God forgives them for they know not what they do.


well put, both of you. Cowtipper, God bless and thank you again.


Just an example of the anti-Bush filth going on:
I began summer school (upper level college Spanish) today, and it took all of 10 minutes before someone asked me my major...political science. I mentioned that I helped w/ the Ernie Fletcher campaign here in KY last fall, and the two girls I was talking to both recoiled in disgust. One said she hated him, the other said she was as far left-wing as they get. The latter said a moment later that Bush was stupid, evil, blah blah, because he attacked innocent people. I nearly had a stroke. What, Saddam Hussein and the Ba'athists were INNOCENT? Where did she get off making that judgment? Then I remembered...I'm in college; that is the norm for students these days. Thank God I'm graduating this fall and going into the Army Reserve.

Chad Coleman

Kill em all, Let God sort em out.

*currently praying for the oportunity

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