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Thursday, May 20, 2004



Sorry about your cat! We had to put our cat down about a year ago. He was ten years old (which I thought was young in cat years but not for him I guess). He was a kitten when our oldest daughter was a baby so they grew up together. Anyway, we still miss him (I just had a dream about him last night). He was a very sociable and laid-back cat. We just got two little kittens so our remaining adult cat isn't alone anymore. They are a blast and my husband finally got and orange male cat which he has always wanted. Anyway, I offer my sympathy. I know what it's like when a beloved cat isn't doing well. Cat's are such nice little family members.


I'm sorry. I got a couple of cat beasties, want one?

Did you try the Strawberry's n Creme at Starbucks yet?


Hey SarahK! I've been so busy didn't have time to drop you a line or read your blog. Got to hang a bit with your Lil Sizzle, Bro and the Hunk. Actually had them all in my backyard which doesn't look white trash any longer. Spent over 4 hours raking, and moving rocks! Have a fountain and a fireplace and the left over rocks were scattered all over. So, today I can barely lift a gallon jug, my lower back hurts and my tummy muscles that are under my ribs! Took some ibuprofen, which I hate to do. Not lifting weights at the gym today, might be able to do like calf exercises. Bending over and squatting with heavy rocks in your hands makes a difference. Handyman power washed part of patio, I did a small section today, kicked my butt.

Hope you are feeling better soon, hard to move when you are sick. Kitties tend to have problems with their kidneys, and you are correct that comes with age. My little diva kitten is still hissing at nothing, but not biting her own tail as much. Hope yours starts doing better.

Last weekend thought I was going to Michigan for Memorial Day today, then realized it was Wednesday as in yesterday, but.... when I called my mom she was like you are flying in NEXT week. So have a week on my hands. Why I did my backyard.

This week watched the 6 week old puppy across the street, had to let him out to potty. Did I ever mention that I do NOT like dogs? He is cute but dogs smell! I know cats have litter boxes but when you pick up a cat, they usually smell good. My 20lb male, Aries, smells like baby powder.

Oh, last night when the next door neighbors were in my backyard we ended up fishing the crawfish out of my pond and playing with the turtles. I have new tiki torches out by it so looked like tribal council.

2 neighbor woman from across the street and me and Sizzle, when she gets home, are planning to meet in my driveway at 8 and hang out. Sometimes it is good for woman to hang and talk. They are worried about drug activity a few houses down from us, no electricity in the house from what we can tell and lots of cars in and out. The house is the same as mine, we have the biggest floor plan on the street, so know they have to be paying a pretty penny to even be renting it. Police told me to call 911 if we see anything weird. Lots of middle school kids on our street, we need to protect the youth of the nation.

Thinking I'm going to need to power wash my body. That washer does wonders on the concrete but I feel GROSS! Throws the junk all over, and on me.

Your cousin came over and we talked music and his band. I'm so hoping they get the record deal. Even to be on Battle of the Bands on MTV would be great for them. Hope your move goes well, and once you are gone, I get more time with your Sizzle! I so love her. I will take care of your family members here. Be safe!


Waiting for Sizzle to get home before she heads your way, I’m all showered and clean. Ok, question, I need to talk to BikerMom cause she really messed up somewhere along the way. How in the world did she raise 2 daughters that are cute and nice inside and out and then raise the PMSing son of hers? Y’all have kick butt personalities with looks and he is cranky as the day is long. Took me a while to get to know him, not that I can say I do. Well, if you’ve been around my little ADD brain long you know I chat all the time and in general am just silly. So, my thing I do to him is when he is sitting down is to rub the top of his head (I do not make a wish like when you rub a Buddha belly) and make some little comments. Well, after getting almost clawed at a few times, decided not touching him, even to pass a dish to him, would keep me safe from harms way. I didn’t go over there 2 nights ago, know Sizzle has so much to deal with, and she called me, kind of late and I went out to her driveway. We admired the stones and grass she had planted out front, and he came out for a bit. I told him I was giving him space, I can be very wearing, I’ve been me a long time. Well last night he was in my backyard! I think it is just a ploy of his to act that way, just wondered what her idea on him is….


thanks, jonag. i'm sorry about your kitty too. yeah, nicole's been with me almost 13 years, and she's not really doing poorly, she's still energetic and she eats all the time, it's just she's been losing weight, but it does seem to have been just a couple of months that she lost her weight. we'll see, i guess.

BeeBee, thanks for the offer, ha! ugh, i have my hands full with Minerva as it is, she's such a spoiled rotten little mess. i haven't tried the S&C at Starbucks yet, haven't had a chance to go by. but i will try it soon, because it sounds wonderful... btw, i just love your blog and the way you write.

Venus (heya!), i'm thinking i'm going to have my first blogchild soon... you definitely need to blog. your wacky neighbor stories alone are enough for one... after i get settled in Amarillo, i'm going to talk you into it; Little Sizzle said she already tried, and she's right, it's just as easy as sending your daily mass email... bro just has this angry side to him, i don't think it's an act, he does it too well. :)
say, this is a family blog, careful with the power washer stories! ;)

maggie katzen

ah, still there is food that can help, or is better for her. My parent's cat was having trouble, they changed his food and he perked back up pretty quickly.


That must be hard. I'm a cat lover so I can empathize.

You're plate is full lately, isn't it?


thanks for the advice, maggie. i talked to the vet again last night, and he told me that she's not doing too poorly and that i can treat her by just injecting her with fluids, eek. she's so squirmy. he's going to show me tonight what to do... good thing she has no frong claws, right?

yeah, i guess it is a little full, donna, LOL. oh well, i'm getting closer...

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