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  • if i was all the colors, i would paint you pretty in gold in a picture. (jason mraz/zero percent interest).

  • as i took him in my arms he screamed i'm not insane i'm just looking for someone to understand my pain... (five for fighting/the devil in the wishing well)

  • only the curious have something to find (nickel creek/this side)

  • you dream of colors that have never been made, you imagine songs that have never been played (this side/nickel creek)

  • it's when you cry just a little but you laugh in the middle that you've made it (jason mraz/tonight, not again)

  • don't try to fix me, i'm not broken (evanescence/hello)

another whole box of pandora's

  • i'm not the kind of man who tends to socialize/ i seem to lean on old familiar ways/ and i ain't no fool for love songs that whisper in my ears/ still crazy after all these years (paul simon / still crazy after all these years)

  • but there's something in the way you laugh that makes me feel like a child... aspects of life they confuse me, you and your thesis amuse me... after and afternoon with you... and your rich brown eyes your lips and your dark hair, elbows and exposed knees tossing toward the ceiling... after an afternoon... (jason mraz/ after an afternoon)

a long awaited end

  • face to palm... tear to tear... mouth to tongue... heart to ground... i am in love... (jason mraz/ after an afternoon)

  • there's no place to hide but i don't think i'm scared. (nickel creek/this side)

  • with a broken wing, she carries her dreams. man you oughta see her fly. (a broken wing / martina mcbride)

zero percent mine

  • all lyrics headers are lifted from my pretend boyfriend jason mraz's "zero percent interest"

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Friday, May 21, 2004


[ juan ]

OLD!!! boooo

[ juan ]

OLD!!! boooo


see? you MUST be getting old! you forgot you already posted your comment!


Hey there! Just really getting up. After the power washing was finished (looks like I have new concrete) handyman wanted to sit and talk about his real job which is concrete and excavation. Couldn't wait for him to leave cause guess where I wanted to go??? Next door!!!!!! I knocked very softly, it was almost 11. Hmmm. No one is answering, think I need to knock again, someone has to be awake. Door flies open! My Hero, Andy, of course, is still up. He sleeps so little I knew he had to be.

Him and I both didn’t feel very well yesterday. Mine was blood sugar being wacked. Having an insulin pump is far better than doing needles for my diabetes but still takes a lot of tending to. After 35 years I should be an expert! For some reason it was running very high last night, while yesterday morning I couldn’t get it to go up? His was nerves and his personal life.

Anyway, next door. All were up expect the little, tiny one, which was good. LOL Hung there a while. They were watching Neighbor Guy on the computer. Was very funny, something I had never watched before but going to in the future. Told Bro about writing about him. They all thought it was funny. He was picking on the Sizzle told him I would kick his you know what if he hurt her. Funny, he of course could take me out, but when he was messing with her, he would look to see if I was on the move. Thinking I put some fear into him. Last night, was waiting for Sizzle to get home, Hunk wasn’t there either but Bro was in the front yard. We had an interesting conversation about the small red plumbs growing in the Sizzles front yard. He said they had to be larger and more purple, I said well they look right, try one. Nope not him! Hunk gets home, pulls one off the tree eats a chunk of it and said another week! Sizzle showed up, still hating her car. Poor girl. It still sounds like it won’t make it around the corner. For something to cost money and still not sound any better just isn’t good.

Back to last night. So everyone except the Cousin went to bed. Him and I got bored with tv on the computer, so we came over here, I have satellite dish. You can tell he is deprived of his MTV. I sang in choir, can read timing of notes and know if they are higher and lower and can hear a song and write the timing (kind of) and a little of the high and low but not really. Very interesting to hear about music, writing, how it is put on paper. I know nothing of the guitar, I love piano and I play no instruments so interesting to hear how things work on the guitar. I know what I call things, like the fact I know I have a good choir blending voice, but to hear him give the made up stuff in my world real words and to explain what I think about music was very cool. He left on his own around 3:30! LOL I went right to bed and slept till phone rang at 9:30 this morning. I usually wake up a ton of times, no clue if my Diva Kitten, Pilar, slept on my head or not last night.

Back to doing laundry. Hubby is home tonight! Get to pick him up at the airport! In my mind, packing my other suitcase for Michigan. Can hardly wait to see my Mommy on Wed. So weird how even at my age, we still love and need our Moms. I wasn’t really close to my mom when I was in high school, but she was always someone I could talk to. She didn’t want to hear about my personal life, she wanted me to be perfect. I wasn’t a bad kid, and school was important to me so she was lucky that way and helped me get a scholarship for college but her and I didn’t get really close until I moved to Texas. Then it wasn’t as important for her to be a mom but to be a friend. I talk to her at least once a week and we can easily talk 4 hours. I’m so lucky to have her.

Kitties! I hate to say this but have you tried like that imitation crab? Yogurt? Give her something that is different as far as food is a good idea, Maggie. Had a friend who gave her cat anything she ate, when he got old would only eat this and that, got really hard cause he couldn’t tell her he wanted lasagna today, or that he wanted cannelloni the next day. My Diva will eat most things I do but I try not to give her anything much, other than a scoop of yogurt so I don’t have the problems my friend did. But sounds like you should try with your cat. I only give mine things I will eat, so if they turn up their noses it won’t go to waste. Needless to say mine do not get canned tuna but when I make sushi I have to give them some raw tuna, they reach up to the counter tops, cause they don’t get yelled at about that, but do it they are on the counters.

Oh I forgot, I told Bro I thought it was an act. He actually laughed. We talked about it, and I’m thinking I might be right. He would never admit to it. He has anger issues. When I listen to the songs, with him as the lead, I’m like man he is angry! Thinking he is going to either have to accept me and deal with me, which he is getting better about, or he will be in his own place to escape me. Sizzle thinks she might have ADD. I have taken buspar for 10 years for mine, love the stuff. Bro and I just looked at her and laughed. Hunk was like the two of you could talk forever.

Good luck tonight with the packing and moving. And so hoping you start feeling better. Can be tough to sing when you have gunk in your chest. Off to eat some goldfish…..If you want me to bug Juan, just let me know.

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