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  • glenn reynolds says: sarah who?

tiny fragments of perfection

  • if i was all the colors, i would paint you pretty in gold in a picture. (jason mraz/zero percent interest).

  • as i took him in my arms he screamed i'm not insane i'm just looking for someone to understand my pain... (five for fighting/the devil in the wishing well)

  • only the curious have something to find (nickel creek/this side)

  • you dream of colors that have never been made, you imagine songs that have never been played (this side/nickel creek)

  • it's when you cry just a little but you laugh in the middle that you've made it (jason mraz/tonight, not again)

  • don't try to fix me, i'm not broken (evanescence/hello)

another whole box of pandora's

  • i'm not the kind of man who tends to socialize/ i seem to lean on old familiar ways/ and i ain't no fool for love songs that whisper in my ears/ still crazy after all these years (paul simon / still crazy after all these years)

  • but there's something in the way you laugh that makes me feel like a child... aspects of life they confuse me, you and your thesis amuse me... after and afternoon with you... and your rich brown eyes your lips and your dark hair, elbows and exposed knees tossing toward the ceiling... after an afternoon... (jason mraz/ after an afternoon)

a long awaited end

  • face to palm... tear to tear... mouth to tongue... heart to ground... i am in love... (jason mraz/ after an afternoon)

  • there's no place to hide but i don't think i'm scared. (nickel creek/this side)

  • with a broken wing, she carries her dreams. man you oughta see her fly. (a broken wing / martina mcbride)

zero percent mine

  • all lyrics headers are lifted from my pretend boyfriend jason mraz's "zero percent interest"

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Friday, April 30, 2004



I agree with Scott. It's not like the players on the teams have any loyalty, so I don't feel much loyalty to any particular team.

College sports, that's a different subject altogether! :D


well, it's ok to agree with Scott, if you don't mind being wrong, krakatoa! :P Scott says that basketball and baseball are more exciting than the great sport of hockey, so what does he know anyway? so yeah, he's a genius & probably the smartest person i know other than myself, but i'm the sports chica, and he's not!

by MY definition (no one write in and tell me i've got the definition wrong) a sports homer is one who remains, to the death, a fan of the sports teams of her HOME; while i may live elsewhere, my HOMETOWN is Fort Worth, which is Dallas's better half, so i am bound by Mike Modano's hotness -- er, by my duty as a sports homer -- to root for Metroplex teams for life. now if i ever go back to school, i'll adopt the NAU Lumberjacks as my college team...


I HATE being wrong!!!

But I'm pretty good at dealing with it. LOTS of practice. :P


yes, you should have lots of practice, you're a man! :P

sandor at the zoo

Heh heh. You guys and your "sports" are so cute. Tell me, do baseball players get their pedicures before or after the game? If one basketball player touches another and gets a bruise, do they send him to the school nurse or does he have to wait till he gets home for Mommy to kiss his boo-boo?

Please. There is only one sport. It requires a helmet, the ability to tackle, and a chalkboard with lots of X's and O's on it. And no, it isn't full-contact tic tac toe.

Does Dallas even have a football team anymore?



hmm, sandor, sounds like you're talking about hockey!

helmet - check

tackling - oh yes check, and boxing too! sometimes even waltzing.

chalkboard w/ Xs & Os - well, in Miracle they wrote the Xs & Os on the glass, but i'm thinkin' that still counts.

you left out hot tough guys, so i'll throw that one in for you...

well, Dallas doesn't have a football team anymore YET (anymore yet, now i'm confusing even me!) but now that jerry has less control over the football decisions, it's gotta pick up.

go Cowboys!

btw, thanks for reminding me that i need a pedicure. maybe i'll get one after my massage this morning.

sandor at the zoo

Must be nice. I'm stuck slaving away over a hot computer all day. [Phooey on] The Man!

So, I've been thinking of picking up a Beth Orton CD. I'm a big fan of Liz Phair and Sarah McLachlan (something about independent-minded female singer / songwriters really does it for me), and I've been told I might like Orton's work. Any recommendations?



you poor thing, yeah, i slave over a computer too, but it's job-searching, which pays $0.

Beth Orton is awesome!! still thanking Juan for that tipoff... Pass in Time is a greatest-hits-type cd so it's pretty great. i'm partial to Daybreaker myself and her duets with Terry Callier.

sandor at the zoo

Hmmm. I'm not partial to dance remixes. Pop tunes in general angry up my blood.

The used CD store near my house let's you listen to CDs before you buy them; maybe I'll pop a few Beth Orton disks in before I make a decision.

Enjoy your weekend, and good luck with the job hunt.



i'm not a dance-mix lover either, but they just throw in one or two remixes while leaving the others intact on the Pass in Time cd.

thanks, this morning i set up 2 interviews for next week, so it's coming along...

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