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February 21, 2004



Dear One,

You have been writing poetry since you were a little girl. Complicated, simple, you've written it all. Impresses me greatly. Don't ask why your imagination has been your escape. It is God's way of helping us cope. It is a great thing, imagination. It is "Drop Dead Fred".
I love your imagination. From your mommy.


Wow! You are amazing!

I didn't know you had all this talent. T-shirt babe model, writer, CPA, ....What next?

I know, SarahK for president.

But seriously, I like your poetry.
I used to write alot of poetry when I was younger.
Usually something tragic inspired me.
Wish I had chose it over the other destructive things I did to escape. oh well, live and learn.

Keep up the great work!

Poet Don't Realize It

Your poetry's just fine...!

You should credit your lines that include "anybody want a peanut" to where you probably heard them - "The Princess Bride." Then, it won't be plagiarism...

Keep ritin'

d.l. stephens

pretty good stuff if i may say so. can't tell if you are male or female by your it is rathergender nebulous unless i missed something,nevertheless, pretty good talent you've got there. I've been writing poetry for forty years, not that that makes me any good,but if you are curious i would be glad to give you a sample.

D L Stephens

Having gone farther down the page I now realize that you are a young woman. Please excuse me.I would just like to say that your writing is quite excellent. Not many people can connect with or express their feelings like you. Bravo! To you! Sincrer, D. L. Stephens.


paleosympathy tiramisu shoe
vison optrics beatings & you

masonry toerags blitzkrieg anew
acetate plywood hatred & few

lightshield bravado orient-display
superimposed porcupine meathook & stay

hoodwink & lecher, verbally crude
ribald formica beatings & you



Just thought I'd tip you off to the audio streams of Jason Mraz's new single 'Geek In the Pink' off his album Mr.A-Z.  Feel free to post it or pass it along.




Well I forgot to include the links:

Doctors Spank Wives

hmm. amazing

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